Feedback Exchange of experience REDcert/ISCC

Dear Auditors,

Thank you for participating in the online REDcert/ISCC-Erfa on 22 June 2021.
In order to improve comparable events, we would be very happy if you could provide us with feedback.

Your GUTcert Team

Rating scale 1-5
(1= very good, 5=very bad)


1. The content of the event met my expectations

2. I could actively participate

3. The meeting was productive and the contents have a high benefit for my further auditor activities.

4. The content of the presentation(s) is a good summary of the content taught

5. I received the essential information with sufficient advance notice

6. The process and execution of the online meeting was to my satisfaction


What can we do even better?

What went well and what did you like?