Certification of occupational safety and health management systems (SGAMS)

Occupational safety is sustainable

Those who plan sustainably have all stakeholders in mind - including and above all their own employees, who represent the most important resource of any company. The health of employees is not only a moral and legal factor, but also an economic one.

Not all work in the company is carried out by its own staff. External companies are often called in for construction, maintenance, servicing or cleaning work - another risk in the area of occupational safety for which a company is responsible that should not be underestimated.

Occupational health and safety is therefore more than just an image factor that creates trust and credibility among customers and the public. A systematic and lived management system for occupational safety and health (SGA-MS) helps your company on its way to compliance. It also makes a significant contribution to avoiding employee absences due to accidents and illness and to minimising the risks from accidents (including those involving guests and outside workers). Certified companies show that they are reliable partners. This also explains the increasing relevance of certification among suppliers and in tenders.

Why GUTcert for occupational safety management

GUTcert offers present both the time and the cost of certification in a transparent way. You can see at a glance what costs you will incur per year. Travel costs and optional services such as additional certificates are also clearly shown. There are no hidden costs such as "certificate usage" or similar.

The GUTcert auditors come from the field and speak your language:

  • They assess the efficiency of the introduced processes - no unnecessary mountains of paper.
  • They evaluate the effectiveness of the measures introduced - only target-oriented regulations
  • They motivate the employees involved - identification with the company and the safety standard
  • You give valuable advice - incentive for further improvements

Our services

As a member of the globally represented AFNOR Group, GUTcert offers you these certifications worldwide, either individually or in combination, e.g. with environmental or quality management.

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