Create transparency and ensure quality with supplier audits

Complex global supply chains make it more important but also more difficult for companies to ensure the quality of their suppliers' products. In the quest for systematic and independent controls, companies increasingly rely on external audit companies and their auditors. This way, they benefit from their experience and industry knowledge and are on the safe side when it comes to compliance with an independent control by authorised third parties.

We help you create transparency and support your company in quality assurance and supplier development.

As part of the AFNOR network, GUTcert has access to over 1,900 qualified auditors worldwide with industry knowledge in all sectors of industry.

What is meant by a supplier audit?

Supplier audits (or second party audits) support quality assurance and supplier development. Suppliers are audited according to existing norms (ISO norm) or specific customer standards; industry or sector standards are also regularly used for auditing. If necessary, these standards are developed together with the customer during the audits.

Why should you conduct supplier audits?

The evaluation of suppliers serves your own quality assurance and supports supplier development:

  • You receive a comparison (benchmark) and an evaluation of existing or new suppliers.
  • You minimise risks and uncertainty with suppliers regarding quality / environmental / labour
  • standards (especially with suppliers abroad).
  • You comply with legal regulations and internal requirements.
  • You assume social responsibility (social audit, CSR) in the supply chain.

The new international standard for sustainable procurement (ISO 20400) is also prompting more and more companies to have their purchasing policies with suppliers independently audited.

GUTcert takes over the planning, organisation and administration of the complete audit programme for you. You benefit from our many years of experience in the certification of complex supply chains and the wealth of experience of our auditors.

The scope of the supplier audits depends on your requirements for your suppliers. Both an audit "along the norm" (i.e. according to an ISO standard, e.g. ISO 9001,ISO 14001 etc.) and according to individual criteria is possible. Audits according to best practice standards (e.g. VDA, HACCP, GMP, etc.) of your industry sector are also quite common.

Your advantage with a supplier audit

As different as your demands on suppliers may be, each audit can be individually adapted to your requirements. A GUTcert audit means

  • Decades of auditing experience - and, as part of the AFNOR network, access to more than 1,900 qualified auditors worldwide with industry knowledge in all sectors of industry
  • Security in your supply chain: we systematically uncover weaknesses, risks and potential for improvement in your supply chain
  • Decision support for first-time cooperation and selection of suppliers
  • Time and cost savings: our competent auditors are quickly on site

1. development of the audit scope and audit criteria.

The content of the audit is determined together with the client.
This is based on international standards (ISO standard), internal specifications or an existing industry standard.

2. planning of the on-site audit at the supplier's premises

Our auditors are active worldwide. They are selected industry experts who are familiar with the culture of the country and have the necessary language skills.

3. performing of the audit at the supplier's premises

Our auditors evaluate your suppliers on site on the basis of the elaborated audit catalogue.
Based on this, risks and possible improvement potentials are identified

4. improvement based on the audit report

The audit report contains a comprehensive overview with possible risks and serves as a basis for possible improvement
Report on conformity or non-conformity

We calculate the cost of a supplier audit individually according to the size of the company and the respective activities at the locations. To provide us with the necessary data, simply fill out our online quotation form. It contains a clear overview of all costs incurred for the audit, including travel expenses if desired. There is no small print with us - there are no additional fees.

Benchmark through supplier audit

Let us show you the potentials and weaknesses of your suppliers in detail in our benchmark. We will determine the criteria for the evaluation individually together with you.