Supply chain certification for biogenic fuels

Sustainable products are increasingly in demand by consumers, and compliance with environmental and social standards is more necessary than ever in view of scarce resources. Whether for the EU fuel and electricity market or for the food industry and oleochemicals, as demand increases, so do the requirements and expectations of customers and legislators that a product must meet - throughout the entire supply chain.

With the binding legal requirements from the Renewable Energy Directive (2018/2001/EC - RED II), biofuels and biofuels from biomass are bound to the following sustainability criteria:

  • Protection of biologically valuable areas
  • Compliance with greenhouse gas limits
  • Traceability

Companies along the production and value chain are obliged to fulfil this requirement and have it confirmed.

What are the benefits of supply chain certification for biogenic fuels?

With voluntary certification systems such as REDcert-EU and ISCC-EU, companies can prove that the sustainability criteria required by the EU Renewable Energy Directive (2018/2001/EC - RED II) for the production of biofuels from biomass are met. This ensures access to the European biofuel market.

GUTcert also offers audits in accordance with the Swiss Mineral Oil Tax Act SR 641.61 Art.12 (Switzerland). In this way, compliance with minimum ecological and social requirements can be demonstrated, which are mandatory for an application for tax relief.

Why GUTcert for the supply chain certification of biogenic fuels?

GUTcert has been approved by the BLE as a certification body for the biofuel market since 2009, and offers certifications according to REDcert-EU and ISCC-EU. As a result, GUTcert has extensive expertise in the areas of biofuel and sustainability requirements:

  • experienced auditors from the biofuel and sustainability sectors
  • efficient and result-oriented audits
  • Close communication with our team of experts and a clearly structured process
  • conclusive documentation
  • clear offers without small print