Sustainable event management according to ISO 20121

Why sustainability in the event industry?

Sustainability in the event industry has become a real competitive factor: The discussion about sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an integral part of the event sector and so-called "live communication" - the demands on the part of organisers and consumers have increased.

The best way to meet these demands is to systematically pursue sustainable development with the help of a management system. Because if the essential elements from the areas of quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety are included here, efficiency is combined with cost reduction and compliance - and quite incidentally, the event organizer scores points through image enhancement.

For which events is sustainable event management relevant?

Every event is in itself a multiplier for messages, i.e. also for the increasingly important aspects of sustainable development. Regardless of whether sustainability is directly addressed or not - if the event itself is sustainable in its execution, much has already been gained, simply through:

  • the large number of daily events taking place worldwide with corresponding numbers of participants
  • the strong networking character between event organisers and participants and among the suppliers of the many interface industries such as event technology, catering, mobility or the hospitality industry
  • the exemplary character: the event itself is its largest communicative platform
    This creates a fruitful interaction between sustainable development and event management.

For the "Event sustainability management systems - Requirements with guidance for use", the type and size of the event only play a subordinate role: Whether sports competitions or trade fairs on an international scale, music festivals or concerts, conferences, exhibitions, meetings or other formats - all can be certified according to ISO 20121.
ISO 20121 offers different formats for certification

Depending on your wishes, certifications are offered for:

  • individual events
  • a series of recurring events
  • the sustainability management system of an organiser

Why you should get certified according to ISO 20121?

The special feature of ISO 20121 is that it covers all three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social impacts and economic components. An ISO 20121 certificate therefore serves as internationally recognized and credible proof when communicating the sustainable orientation of an organizer with clients and the general public.

An ISO structure of the standard facilitates the integration into an already existing management system. If, for example, a quality, environmental or occupational safety system is already in place, existing structures can be extended to the event standard.

The holistic approach of sustainability management for the event industry offers several advantages and opportunities:

Sustainability performance is systematically improved

  • Sustainability goals are set and communicated
  • Processes are systematized
  • Resources are used more efficiently and thus costs are reduced
  • a systematic, adaptable communication structure is established
  • continuous development and optimisation within the framework of the organisation's management system is encouraged
  • Sustainability efforts are objectively recorded, checked and compared

Sustainability performance is communicated in a credible manner, which enables

  • to participate in tenders of the public sector and other sustainability-oriented clients
  • significantly shorten the communication loop for such tenders
  • to present one's own performance risk-free and credibly to customers, business partners and the general public
Establishment of a sustainability management system
Establishment of a sustainability management system in the event industry according to ISO 20121

How does the audit of sustainable event management according to ISO 20121 work?

Since ISO 20121 offers several variants on the scope of certification, the process is determined by which variant of certification you choose.

How much does it cost to have your event or company audited to ISO 20121?

We calculate the cost of auditing your event or event organisation depending on the size of your company, the range and scope of your impact (national or international), the number and size of your projects and your specific wishes with regard to the scope of application of your certificate.

We would be happy to create an individual offer for you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.