Concentrated information on sustainable events

Since 2012, ISO 20121 has been the first sector-specific standard on sustainable event management (NVMS). However, its holistic approach, which includes all three pillars of sustainable development - economic success, environmental protection and social aspects - was not initially accepted by market players: The environmental standard EMAS was much better known.

In the meantime, however, a change is taking place, which is why ISO pioneers are leading the way: An ISO 20121 certificate offers internationally recognised and industry-specific proof of a holistic approach to your sustainability efforts.

In the following publications you will find a lot of useful information so that you can set off well equipped on the road to a sustainable event.

Management systems for the event industry

Management systems for the event industry - ISO 20121 vs. EMAS

Sustainability in the event industry can mean many things: pure self-disclosure, one of many logos or an audit according to an internationally recognised standard, such as ISO 20121 for Sustainable Event Management or the environmental standard EMAS. Both standards enjoy a high degree of credibility - but where are the differences?

Presentation credible sustainable action for the event industry

Acting credibly sustainably - with system and certificate

What are these standards? Which ones are there and which are relevant for the event industry? How does the standard get into my organisation and what is the certification all about?

Guide to sustainable event management

The following publication series forms the basis for the Guide to Sustainable Event Management according to ISO 20121, which is expected to be published in full in summer 2021. In the different parts, more general topics and focus issues will first be highlighted in order to translate the "normative approach and language" for industry practice.

Guide series on sustainable event management Part 1

How far has the topic been developed in the industry? Where are the opportunities - and what does it actually mean to operate a management system?

Guide series on sustainable event management Part 2

How can I manage an event sustainably and when is an event sustainable at all?

Guide series on sustainable event management Part 3

Operational implementation of a sustainable management system and the PDCA cycle. How can practical implementation work? Which processes need to be defined?

Guide Series on Sustainable Event Management Part 4

Why does a sustainable event management system require so much documentation? And what does it all involve?

Guide series on sustainable event management Part 5

Measuring results, evaluating success: You can only improve if you know the situation and keep track of things.

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