Validation of your sustainability reporting-according to EPRA

What is EPRA? For whom is validation according to EPRA relevant?

The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) presents the annual Sustainability Awards with the aim of encouraging companies in the real estate sector to be more transparent and open in their sustainability reporting in accordance with the EPRA Best Practice Recommendations on Sustainability Reporting (EPRA sBPR). 152 companies from the sector are already participating in the award.

What are the advantages of EPRA validation?

Among other things, the EPRA standard was developed with the aim of providing existing and potential investors with credible evidence of the sustainable orientation of real estate companies.

EPRA works according to a points system: participants are rewarded if the data collected is externally verified or validated - only validated reports can claim a "Gold" award. So to move up in the rankings, you can have your data, facts and figures checked by the experts at GUTcert.

How does a validation according to EPRA work?

The validation consists of a review of the raw version of the report, detailed planning, an on-site assessment and the issuing of an audit certificate. As part of an individual workshop, we offer you the opportunity to check which data you still need to collect in order to meet the requirements of the EPRA Award.

Once the process is complete, simply attach the verification certificate to your application.

What does an EPRA audit cost?

We calculate the cost of reviewing your sustainability report for your organisation depending on the size of the company, the range and scope of its impact (national or international) and your specific wishes with regard to the scope of your report.

We would be happy to create an individual offer for you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.