Gap analysis sustainability - status quo and potential for improvement

More and more companies are setting out on the path of sustainable development: the number of published sustainability reports is steadily increasing. This trend has various causes - it may be triggered by the upcoming tightening of the CSR reporting obligation, or it may be motivated to act by developments within the industry.

What is a preliminary audit or Gap analysis?

We analyse your company and identify potential for improvement: By means of a preliminary review, we determine which data is already available in the company and where information still needs to be compiled in order to close the "gap" (Gap) that exists in relation to a particular standard, e.g. the Global Reporting Initiative GRI (GRI SRS) or the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

Another option for the pre-audit is the SDG Check, in which we jointly create a plausible and transparent mapping of the corporate goals to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. This is because reflecting on the global goals at the corporate level usually initially generates a lot of discussion.

For whom is a pre-audit / Gap analysis relevant?

A Gap analysis can be of particular interest to companies that are still in the early stages of sustainable development and have just decided to publish their first CSR or sustainability report.

What is the procedure for a preliminary examination / Gap analysis?

The starting point for your pre-audit can be, for example, an EMAS environmental statement, documentation of other ISO management systems or simply evidence of initial measures implemented in the area of environmental, social or employee issues.

Within the framework of a workshop, we offer you the opportunity - gladly at your location or online via web meeting - to check which data you still need to collect in order to comply with the GSC, for example, or to have a sustainability report validated in accordance with the GRI standard and subsequently be able to publish it.

What does a pre-audit / Gap analysis cost?

We calculate the cost of a Gap analysis workshop depending on the size of the company and your specific requirements. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.