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Environmental issues and social concerns are becoming increasingly important for the hospitality industry: numerous surveys of travellers in recent years have shown that, on the one hand, sustainability is taken into account in the choice of destination and form of travel, but also in accommodation and catering.

Tenders for the organisation of conferences and events for large companies and the public sector are also linked to increased requirements for sustainability services, which are passed on to the service providers when locations are rented.

And climate neutrality is the big issue of the moment anyway, presenting the business community with ever new challenges in terms of increasing energy efficiency. Self-commitments, labels and audits within industry associations are widely known. However, there are internationally recognised and long-standing standards that take your efforts to the next level: you demonstrate commitment and transparency and meet all the requirements of your clients, customers and politicians.

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You have an environmentally friendly towel management and offer a holistic regional breakfast for your guests  ? Systematically recording all your measures allows you to identify further possibilities and holds both ideal values and material and financial potential: you reduce your costs and the transparent verification of sustainability helps with tenders and creates trust among your guests. An environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS incorporates environmental aspects into all processes with foresight.

Especially larger companies (non-SMEs) in the tourism sector have the opportunity, both with EMAS and via ISO 50001, to comply with § 8 of the EDL-G (Law on Energy Services and Other Energy Efficiency Measures - German implementation of the EU Efficiency Directive) and thus meet the legal requirements. Incidentally, this also applies to German subsidiaries of international groups and chains.

Our experience has shown that management systems properly applied lead to a reduction in energy consumption even without large investments. In addition, numerous funding opportunities at federal and state level can be taken advantage of to improve one's own use of resources.

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You are already very committed and have implemented many ideas to adapt travel and dining to your and your guests' wishes for sustainability. In the process, it is easy to lose the overview: Where do I actually stand with my sustainability achievements?

If you would like to map the status quo in order to improve further and to be able to communicate credibly, we recommend the GUTcert Sustainability Check. The check enables you to uncover your greatest strengths and potentials in order to subsequently build up honest and transparent sustainability communication.

We can validate the resulting sustainability report for plausibility according to GRI or DNK in an accompanying assessment or during the finalisation of the report. You will receive recommendations for further development and the independent audit will underline the credibility of your sustainability efforts and secure you an advantage in the market.

For sectors of the hospitality industry that run events, ISO 20121 is a standard specifically for Sustainable Event Management. The management system is especially adapted to the planning and execution of events and combines the three pillars of sustainable development in one system. Every event, small or large, and every venue can apply ISO 20121, thus committing to more sustainability internationally and providing transparent proof for business partners.

What direct or indirect influences do our actions have on the carbon footprint? What is the CO2 footprint all about? Which is better: climate neutrality or CO2 neutrality? All these questions and issues have arrived in the emissions-intensive sectors, of which tourism is one in its overall view. With a functioning climate strategy in your own organisation and an independently verified greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint, you help to preserve the foundations of travel and accommodation for future generations.

Most importantly, the Corporate Carbon Footprint also serves as a management tool to help you identify key CO2 emissions, identify mitigation measures, implement cost reduction plans and build trust.

For more information, please visit our microsite climate-neutrality.com or the Carbon Footprint performance pages.


Offer of the GUTcert Academy

Seminars on climate management

Integrated management systems

GOOD to know: With an integrated management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, you have already fulfilled about 64% of the requirements of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). So you have already taken the decisive steps towards a fully comprehensive sustainability management system.

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Guide from energy management to climate management

Guide from energy management to climate management

You already have an energy management system according to ISO 50001? Then you don't have far to go to climate management: our guide shows you how to do this in a structured way - over 5 steps in 14 steps.

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