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The ICT industry is growing and growing - and has been for years: With a turnover of over 150 billion euros, 1.2 million people in employment and 100,000 companies, it covers a wide field in the service sector. Hardware, software or service - it must always work and it must be safe! This makes certifications all the more important to ensure this and to assert oneself in the market.

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In business, industry, communication and entertainment, there are more and more information and data processing processes. IT service providers from IT consulting, software development and maintenance to data centre services - we have the right certification for all of them, regardless of whether they are start-ups or established IT companies.

IT service providers are traditionally involved in numerous supplier relationships. In order to ensure the sustainable success of the company and to appear as a reliable partner to clients, certain certifications have become "good manners". For example, certification of quality management according to ISO 9001. Especially in the environment of public clients, proof of an existing and functioning quality management system is indispensable. The awarding of contracts and participation in funding projects in the field of digitisation increasingly require proven certification according to ISO 9001.

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Of course, in the IT industry, protecting information is the be-all and end-all. Professional IT security management assesses the security of information and the IT environment and implements its protection in an information security management system (ISMS). In a system according to ISO/IEC 27001, processes are systematically recorded and optimised. Weaknesses are quickly identified and can be remedied in the short term: The security risk for your company is minimised. And this strengthens the trust of your customers - a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated in times of data theft.

Seminars on the topic of information security management

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Seminare zum Thema Informationssicherheit

Many IT service providers are data processors and have had to comply with the GDPR rules on processing personal data since May 2018. Legal compliance can be proven through a data protection audit.

The accreditation procedure for data protection audits is currently still ongoing. However, GUTcert can already carry out a pre-check at your premises tailored to your needs.

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Seminars on the topic of information security

Seminare zum Thema Informationssicherheit

You would like to use a software to recover energy efficiency potentials?

To be included in the BAFA list of eligible solutions, the software must be compliant with DIN EN ISO 50001. As an approved body, GUTcert checks your software for compliance with the minimum requirements and issues a certificate of conformity for submission to BAFA.
We test your software for compliance with the minimum requirements and certify it in accordance with energy management as per ISO 50001:2018. This provides you with the necessary evidence to prove the eligibility of your EnMS software and have it listed with BAFA.

Surfing, storing, phoning, streaming, shopping - all this costs a lot of energy and is a driver of CO2 emissions. The advancement of technology and digitalisation has long since brought this topic into the focus of the industry. But what are the direct or indirect influences on your carbon footprint? What is Scope 2 or 3 all about? And is climate neutrality the right thing to do or CO2 neutrality?
Above all, the Corporate Carbon Footprint also serves as a management tool to help you identify significant CO2 emissions, determine mitigation measures, implement cost reduction plans and build trust.

For more information, please visit our microsite or the Carbon Footprint performance pages.


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Seminars on Climate Management and Carbon Footprint

Integrated management systems

Linking or integrating different management systems not only brings cost benefits but also organisational simplifications. If the different requirements are combined in an integrated system approach, this minimises the overall expense for setting up and maintaining the entire management system. Price advantages of up to 50% compared to the separate handling of the individual procedures are not uncommon. Combining audit dates, for example, reduces the time required to a single on-site audit, the duration of which is significantly shorter than the sum of the individual audits.

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Making Germany a leading digital location is Bitkom's overarching goal: Digital transformation, sovereignty and broad participation in society, e.g. through new forms of lifelong learning, are the focus - with the greatest possible security for infrastructures and data.

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Business processes are becoming increasingly digitalised and automated. The security of information technology is thus part of the operational risks in almost all industries. As a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security, GUTcert wants to make an active contribution to protecting organisations from cyber attacks and loss of operational capability.

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Presentation on Critis in the Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector

Critis in the information technology and telecommunications sector

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Guide from energy management to climate management

Guide from energy management to climate management

Do you already have an energy management system according to ISO 50001? Then you don't have far to go to climate management: our guide shows you how to do this in a structured way - over 5 steps in 14 steps.

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