The paper and wood industry in Germany

The paper industry is closely linked to the timber industry in the value chain. Both industries stand for a functioning circular economy. Characteristic of the paper industry is the broad product range and the resulting great heterogeneity. A materials policy that ensures that the raw material wood is available in sufficient quantity, good quality and at competitive prices is indispensable.

The sustainable use of the finite resource water is also crucial for the company's continued existence. The very high energy consumption in the two sectors must also always be kept in mind in order to identify possible optimisation potential, save costs and protect the environment at the same time.

Flexibility in structural change is therefore the top priority in the paper industry. High production efficiency and sophisticated equipment ensure that the quality of all products is guaranteed and competitiveness in regional markets is ensured. Increasing demands from customers and legislators with regard to product quality and stable value also require timber companies to constantly develop themselves further.

Management systems certified in accordance with ISO standards support you in analysing and further expanding your productivity and innovative capacity and in conserving resources.

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High raw material costs and rising energy prices are putting considerable pressure on paper and wood companies. Added to this is the high burden of compliance requirements as a daily challenge.

An accredited certificate helps you to react flexibly and efficiently to market changes and to meet political and social requirements. Create trust and show yourself as an innovative problem solver!

We are experienced in taking over certifications and are happy to support you through our change service.

With the help of a quality management system according to ISO 9001, you credibly demonstrate the continuously reliable quality, legal conformity and innovation of your products and manufacturing processes. It supports you in aligning your activities with the requirements of your customers and their satisfaction.

Increasing demand, market reorientation and legal requirements often cause considerable restructuring in the paper and wood industry. Processes must therefore be designed to be as flexible as possible.

The pandemic has made the indispensability of the paper industry clear - and at the same time confronted it with major challenges in production and logistics. Thus, especially in times of crisis, it can be crucial for economic success to apply proven quality management tools in order to identify and avoid risks at an early stage, but also to recognise and exploit opportunities.

GUTcert offers you high flexibility and efficiency in audit planning and handling your certification. Employees from our competent and committed industry team accompany you as personal contact persons through the entire process - from the offer to the certificate.


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As a particularly capital- and energy-intensive industry, the paper industry must specifically address energy saving, energy efficiency and plant optimisation. Processes such as drying the paper webs or grinding the fibres are particularly electricity-intensive.

In the timber industry, the focus with regard to energy efficiency and savings is on areas such as heating, in-house electricity generation and material drying.

As a manufacturing company, you are entitled to tax refunds. GUTcert is an accredited certification body with a wide range of approvals. We issue certificates that not only meet the standard requirements, but also ensure recognition by state authorities.

For companies that, as SMEs, employ fewer than 50 employees, a certification of an alternative system for improving energy efficiency and as a basis for tax refunds plays a major role.

For larger companies, a certification of the energy management system according to ISO 50001 or a validation of the environmental management system according to EMAS can also be considered. Both certificates are regarded in Germany as suitable proof of legal compliance with regard to the requirements of the EDL-G and as the basis for an electricity tax refund.

The paper and wood industries are energy-intensive sectors of the economy - the burden of electricity consumption typical of the industry is high despite relief regulations. Our experienced auditors have a great deal of technical expertise and give you impetus for uncovering potential savings: our certification is worth your money.


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The paper industry is one of the most environmentally intensive industries in Germany: energy consumption, GHG emissions, but also water consumption and the use of chemicals are among the main impacts of the industry. Waste generated during the manufacturing process is also a significant environmental impact.

Ecological challenges in the timber industry are on the one hand emissions, on the other hand the deforestation process and the use of environmentally harmful substances during processing, for example through the use of adhesives or varnishes.

The efficient and sustainable use of resources is a core issue in the paper and wood industry. An environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS helps you to systematically record and analyse raw material inputs and resource consumption. Optimisation potentials become apparent through the application of internationally proven methodologies and approaches, and cost savings are possible. ISO 14001 certification also increases compliance with legal requirements.

In the course of the last few years, environmental protection has gained similar importance as a competitive factor in marketing as, for example, the quality or price of products and services. Follow the trend and secure your company's competitiveness on regional and international markets.


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One of the biggest challenges facing the paper and wood industry is to make its own business activities climate-friendly. The use of resources, production and recycling of residues are typical environmental burdens that the paper and wood industry has to face. Mining companies must also include the wood extraction process in their considerations.

The goal of climate neutrality involves considerable effort as well as technical and technological innovations and investments, for example to reduce energy consumption, to enable the transition to renewable energy sources and to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

A functioning climate strategy in one's own organisation is therefore essential and based on a solid greenhouse gas balance.

The Corporate Carbon Footprint serves as a management tool to identify the main CO2 emissions, to determine mitigation measures, to implement cost reduction plans and to build confidence.

If individual products are to be assessed in terms of their emission intensity, the Product Carbon Footprint is used. More information also at

If your company participates in European emissions trading, GUTcert can support you with its many years of experience. As one of the leading verification bodies in emissions trading with a full industry accreditation at DAkkS, we verify emissions reports of all industries with stationary installations.


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Self-contained and stationary or fixed installations for handling substances hazardous to water are subject to the requirements of the Water Resources Act and the Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV). Typical installations are tank or hazardous substance storage facilities, drum and container storage facilities, filling stations, heating oil consumer installations and containers, refineries and chemical storage facilities, etc.

In order to protect water bodies from adverse changes in their properties, their operators must ensure that the facility is leak-proof and that the associated safety devices are in working order, and must monitor these independently. In addition, the proper condition of the facility must be inspected by experts in accordance with AwSV. Such expert inspections are required by the water authorities prior to commissioning or in the event of a significant change, recurrently (usually) every 5 years, or when plants are decommissioned.

In addition to market changes, a sustainable employment policy is always at the forefront for companies in the paper and wood industry.

To strengthen the relationship of trust between employees and employers, an occupational safety management system (SGAMS) according to ISO 45001 helps. Industry-specific risks in the workplace are identified at an early stage, for example when handling hazardous chemicals. In this way, a safe and efficient working environment can be created.

Beyond the image factor, ISO 45001 certification increases compliance with legal requirements and thus reduces your business risks.

Make safety in the company a corporate goal: it creates trust among your employees and ensures credibility in the eyes of the public.

When introducing and maintaining an SGAMS, the first point of contact is with environmental management. As a member of the globally represented AFNOR Group, GUTcert offers you international certification - also in combination with, for example, environmental or quality management.


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Operators of critical infrastructures (CRITIS) are obliged to prove that their systems are effectively protected by an information security management system (ISMS). You can meet this obligation with certification according to ISO/IEC 27001 or an audit according to BSI Grundschutz, among others. We are also happy to assess a company-specific standard.


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Especially for the paper and wood industry, sustainable products and compliance with environmental and social standards are more necessary than ever. In addition, the requirements and expectations on the part of customers and legislators that a product must meet are increasing - throughout the entire supply chain. The certification of your products and supply chains according to recognised sustainability standards is a valuable tool for the external and internal image of your company.

Show that you take responsibility by getting certified to specific supply chain standards: With ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), REDcert and RSPO (Roundtable on sustainable Palm Oil) you guarantee your customers sustainable action.

In addition to the social expectations of a company, sustainable management of the value chain also offers economic advantages: It is not uncommon for the linking of economic and social needs to open up new entrepreneurial opportunities, for example through increased efficiency or risk and cost reduction.

A validated sustainability report according to common standards is a proven instrument for companies to present their economic, ecological and social performance to business partners, customers, NGOs and the public. A sustainability report is also an advantage when it comes to filling out evaluations for supply chains that are common in Germany, such as EcoVadis.


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Linking or integrating different management systems not only brings cost benefits but also organisational simplifications. If the different requirements are combined in an integrated system approach, this minimises the overall expense for setting up and maintaining the entire management system. Price advantages of up to 50% compared to the separate handling of the individual procedures are not uncommon. Combining audit dates, for example, reduces the time required to a single on-site audit, the duration of which is significantly shorter than the sum of the individual audits.

As a member of the internationally represented AFNOR Group, GUTcert offers certifications worldwide - also combined.


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