Certification in the skilled trades sector - we tell you how it works

"Does anyone know a reliable master painter?" Almost every day we all make use of services from the trades - recommendations from those around us play a major role for many! And those who continuously provide high-quality work are recommended. Therefore, a certification is not only the document on the wall but often the solid basis for the continuous control and improvement of one's own performance - and thus for the continued existence of the business.

The German skilled trades sector is a very diverse branch of industry, mostly organised in small and medium-sized enterprises, and with about 5.6 million employees and over one million businesses, it is an essential part of the German economy. Quality management ensures here that the much vaunted German quality continues to be valued.

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Whether a sole trader or a medium-sized trades enterprise, whether a member of a guild or not, whether a painter or varnisher, plumber or undertaker, photographer or hairdresser, shoemaker or motor vehicle technician: certification is possible and expedient for every business!

With a quality management system according to ISO 9001, you structure your change and improvement processes, whether you are a sole trader or a trades enterprise, in order to work efficiently: In addition, international recognition ensures trust and credibility towards potential customers and in cooperation with your partners.

You can use our certification mark for your advertising - show everyone that you are good!

Some of our auditors are already specialised in micro-enterprises in the crafts sector as well as guild enterprises, in order to audit at your premises in a practical way and to identify the added value of the system for your business together with you in the audit. In line with the GUTcert motto of "always getting better".


Offer of the Academy

As a guild, you want to provide a QMS according to ISO 9001 for your member companies, but you do not yet know where to go? Our GUTcert Academy will train you and your staff to set up the system and as internal auditors - in our regular courses or also as customised in-house training.

Do you work at heights or with tools that should not be in the hands of children? If so, the safety and health of your employees is a particularly high priority - after all, it is a prerequisite for the continued existence of your company. The focus is on the question of what contribution everyone can make to prevent incidents at work.

And an occupational health and safety management system (SGAMS) certified according to ISO 45001 systematically contributes to minimising accident and illness-related absences in your workforce.

When combined with quality management, for example, this results in a variety of overlaps - saving you time and money.

Offer of the GUTcert Academy

Seminars on the topic of occupational health and safety management

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