GUTcert change service: There are many reasons for a change of certifier

Are you tired of waiting forever for audit reports? You want competent contact persons when it comes to the certification of your company? Or would your company like to have several certifications from one source?

Continuous development and improvement means taking up new impulses so as not to remain in well-worn tracks. And the familiar auditors don't always bring new impulses - sometimes a fresh look is needed.

The certifier's customer service also plays a major role for many companies. Different or changing contact persons often make cooperation difficult and lead to displeasure on the part of the customer.

Why GUTcert as a certifier?

It's the same with certifiers as everywhere else: the biggest are not always the best in all areas. If you value personal support, fast decision-making processes and continuity, you are in good hands with GUTcert.

Our staff react quickly and efficiently and promptly clarify all the specifics of your company so that you receive the best possible offer - without unforeseen costs or delays.

Auditors appointed by us all have well-founded technical expertise and extensive industry experience. In line with our company philosophy, they aim to support our clients on their path to continuous improvement by providing targeted tips and advice.

They ensure your compliance - if necessary also in several systems in parallel.

In practical audit reports, all positive aspects and, if necessary, those that need improvement, are communicated clearly and transparently.

And if your team needs training, the GUTcert Academy offers you many practice-oriented seminars, because we want to share our extensive knowledge from many years of experience with our clients.

Six reasons for switching to GUTcert

Your company is not satisfied with its current status and wants to develop further? Don't wait until the new certification cycle: a change is also possible without any problems during the year for the review audit.

Otherwise, a change to the next recertification is a good idea. The certification audit should take place at least 1 month before the certificate expires. Ideally, you should inform us of your wish to change 9 to 3 months before the planned audit, so that we can start planning together with you.

Of course, the change is also possible in combination with an initial certification in another area. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The prerequisite for switching to GUTcert is a currently valid certification of your products or your management system. To prepare an individual offer, we need your currently valid certificate and your company data. If you choose GUTcert as your new partner, we need the reports of the last external audits. We would also be happy to explain the requirements for our services to you in person.

Has your previous certification expired? In this case, we will be happy to calculate the cost of initial certification for you.

The exchange service applies to all audits we offer, such as the well-known management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001, but also product and supply chain certifications.

What is the procedure for switching from your certification body to GUTcert?

Do you want to make a switch? We are happy to help you with our change service.

Even during an existing certificate period or in the case of recertification, you can easily switch to GUTcert with your certifications in just a few steps.

Procedure of a change to certification by GUTcert

A change to GUTcert can have many reasons

Mit der GUTcert haben wir durch die langjährige Testierung des Alternativen Systems die Erfahrung gemacht, dass klar kommuniziert wird und keine versteckten Kosten zu erwarten sind. Diese Erwartungen wurden noch einmal mit der erstmaligen Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001 durch die GUTcert bestätigt. Zudem profitieren wir gegenüber den letzten Jahren jetzt von einem Preisvorteil.

Thomas Jahn (OTEK Oberflächentechnik Kläke GmbH)

Im Jahr 2014 begannen wir mit der Testierung nach SpaEfV, erweiterten dann über die ISO 50001:2011 bis aktuell zur ISO 50001:2018. Immer waren die GUTcert und ihre Auditoren kompetente Partner und haben uns sehr dabei geholfen, nicht nur die Anforderungen den Norm zu erfüllen, sondern Potentiale für Verbesserungen zu finden. Die schnelle und unkomplizierte Abwicklung mit einer zentralen Kontaktperson haben das Ganze abgerundet.

Joachim F. Goldau (OVODAN Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG)