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GUTcert employee Frank Blume

Phone: +49 30 2332021-667


Frank Blume

Product Management | Project Management

GUTcert employee Manuel Felgentreff

Phone: +49 30 2332021-704

Manuel Felgentreff


GUTcert employee Andre Mahnicke

Phone: +49 30 2332021-899


Andre Mahnicke

Product Management | Project Management

GUTcert employee Andreas Mucha

Phone: +49 30 2332021-644

Andreas Mucha

Team Leader

GUTcert employee Johanna Sitter

Phone: +49 30 2332021-802


Johanna Sitter

Project Management

GUTcert employee Jannik Steinborn

Phone: +49 30 2332021-699

Jannik Steinborn

Project Management

Phone: +49 30 2332021-806

Nicole Wäschke

Project Management