Corporate Carbon Footprint - CCF

We verify the CO2 footprint of your organization or company

What is the CO2 footprint of your organization or company? Do you meet your own climate protection requirements? And is your community a climate pioneer?

The Corporate Carbon Footprint is an effective instrument to meet the wishes of your customers, business partners and investors.

The Corporate Carbon Footprint includes 3 Scopes:

  • Direct emissions at the company, at a location or department of the company, e.g. emissions of the company's own power plant
  • Indirect emissions caused by a company's external energy supply
  • Indirect emissions along the value chain (e.g. business trips, manufacturing of supplier products)

By verifying your CCF, you can be sure to have missed nothing and are able to communicate credibly. The decisive factor for your customers, business partners and shareholders is that the information in your corporate carbon footprint is verified, transparent and comparable, because only then it is useful as a basis for decision-making.

Your benefit

  • You receive detailed information on your factual CO2 hotspots
  • You learn whether your energy saving measures are effective
  • You receive an accredited certificate according to ISO 14064, which you can also use for PR and marketing purposes.
  • With your certified Corporate Carbon Footprint you have the basis for certification as a climate-neutral company.
  • Your Corporate Carbon Footprint is the ticket to participate in international competitions such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)