Product Carbon Footprint - PCF

We verify the carbon footprint of your product

Customer interest in environmentally friendly products and services is growing worldwide. Their "carbon footprint" plays a central role in purchase decisions. Be a pioneer: act in the interest of your customers and determine the CO2 balance of your products and services.

The Product Carbon Footprint records the greenhouse gas emissions that occur during the entire product life cycle - "from the cradle to the grave". It records the impact of:

  • Raw materials
  • Transportation
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Sales/Trade
  • Application phase
  • Disposal

Steps to verification

  • Find out about the carbon footprint your product leaves behind
  • With these findings, develop a concept for reducing emissions along the value chain and thus improving the environmental impact of your product
  • As part of our verification, we use currently valid standards to check whether the calculation methodology, the savings strategy, and the data determined are comprehensible and feasible

Your benefit

  • We identify potential weaknesses in your calculation methodology
  • You receive detailed information as to whether your cost-cutting measures are effective and identify further options
  • You receive recommendations for process and product optimization
  • You can use the certificate for PR and marketing purposes