Validation Carbon Leakage

Carbon leakage in the 4th trading period

Quantitative and qualitative validation of carbon leakage sectors in accordance with Article 10b of Amending Directive 2018/410.

Certain sectors and subsectors can apply to be included in the carbon leakage list. Sectors and subsectors included in the carbon leakage list will continue to receive their certificate free of charge for the period up to 2030 amounting to 100% of the quantity fixed in Article 10a.

Applications may be submitted up to 3 months after publication of the preliminary carbon leakage list (May 2018) based on verified data. The applications are based on the 4-digit NACE codes or the 8-digit PRODCOM for industrial production statistics within the European Union. The different forms of application for qualitative and quantitative evaluation are described in Article 10b of Amending Directive 2018/410.

In addition, member states have the option to apply for additional sectors or subsectors at 6 or 8-digit level (PRODCOM) until 30 June 2018. The final carbon leakage list must be published by the EU Commission by 31 December 2019.

Both forms of application require well-founded, complete and independently verified data.

As an experienced verification body in European emissions trading and accredited certification body for many ISO standards, GUTcert has extensive industry knowledge and the corresponding know-how to validate the applications.

  • Independent, professional and timely verification of application data
  • On-site objective audits, process testing and documentation
  • Auditing based on a strategic process and risk analysis with specific recommendations and tips for improving the data management system and the structures for quality assurance and control
  • Regular information on current developments and changes in emissions trading through our newsletter and various events