FSSC 22000 - Food Safety System Certification

Foundation for Food Safety Certification

Founded in 2004, the Foundation for Food Safety Certification developed the globally recognized certification procedure FSSC 22000 for food and feed manufacturers.

SSC has been recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as equivalent to the other approved procedures, such as IFS or BRC. This means that FSSC is widely accepted by everyone involved in the supply chain.

FSSC 22000 combines two things: the benefits of a management system that combines food safety and business processes, and the ability to meet the growing customer requirements worldwide for GFSI-approved certification of suppliers' food safety systems. FSSC can also be easily integrated into other management systems as an integrative component of ISO 22000.

FSSC 22000 combines requirements of ISO 22000 and ISO 22002-1, a food standard that defines the requirements for the certification of production processes within the food chain. In addition, there are customer-specific FSSC requirements.

You would like to have your company certified according to FSSC 22000?

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The following sectors of the food industry use FSSC:

  • processing of perishable animal and vegetable products
  • Production of animal feed
  • Production of (bio)chemicals
  • Production of food packaging and packaging material

From version 4 on (01.01.2018) the following areas have been added:

  • Transport and storage
  • Retail and wholesale in the food industry
  • Catering

We would be happy to make you an individual offer or answer your remaining questions. As a subsidiary of the AFNOR Group, we offer our services worldwide.