Special Audits

Compliance Audit

In a compliance audit, we check your company as an independent certifier according to guidelines you have defined yourself. Your compliance management system is checked for possible risks by our experienced auditors.

GAP Audit

GAP audits or delta audits serve to optimally prepare for revised ISO standards in the field of management system certification. We analyze possible weak spots with regard to the changed requirements and thus show you where the potentials of your company lie.

Internal Audits of Management Systems

Targeted internal audits are a good basis for a successful certification audit according to the ISO standard. Many companies let internal audits of their management systems be carried out by a certification body. In these so-called first party audits, the effectiveness of the current system is checked – with an unbiased view.

Process Audit

A process audit takes a close look at your internal processes: efficiency, transparency and reliability are checked. The effectiveness of your processes is evaluated and weighed against the goals of your organization – always aiming at balancing both. In this way, a process audit becomes an internal controlling instrument for you.

Development and Testing of Company Standards

GUTcert offers its customers the opportunity to carry out specially adapted audits or inspections for their industry, product or service. Especially when a legal test or the test of an international standard (ISO standard) is not required, this can be advisable in order for companies to meet the high demands on their product or service (e.g. high service quality).