Development and testing of company standards

Verification and testing according to own standards, industry standards or customer specifications

Many organizations additionally want to meet standards that are not covered by current standards or management systems. GUTcert therefore offers its customers adapted audits to check compliance with valid industry-, product- or service-related special guidelines.

Especially if a verification according to legal criteria or an international standard (ISO standard) is not required, it is advisable for organizations that have high demands on their product or service (e.g. high service quality). It prevents quality decline, image damage and non-conformity of the company. The same applies to audits according to special industry requirements, which can be important to strengthen the company's market position.

GUTcert and its experienced auditors will be pleased to support you. Together or on your behalf, we develop test criteria and instruments so that you can meet your own requirements.

As part of the AFNOR network, GUTcert has access to over 1,800 qualified auditors with industry knowledge in all branches of industry worldwide.

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