Supplier Audits and Evaluation

Supplier audits support companies in quality assurance and supplier development

The service provided by GUTcert

We take care of the planning, organization and administration of your entire audit program. You benefit from many years of experience in the certification of complex supply chains and the wealth of knowledge of our auditors.

The scope of the supplier audits depends on your requirements to your suppliers. Both an inspection "along the standard" (i.e. in accordance with an ISO standard, e.g. 9001, 14001 etc.) and according to individual criteria is possible. Tests regarding best practice standards (e.g. VDA, HACCP, GMP, etc.) of your branch of industry are also very common.

Why supplier audits?

  • Minimizing risks and uncertainty with suppliers with regard to quality / environmental / labour standards (especially with suppliers abroad)
  • Assuming social responsibility (social audit, CSR) in the supply chain
  • Fulfilment of legal regulations and internal requirements
  • Comparison (benchmark) and evaluation of existing or new suppliers
  • The new international standard for sustainable procurement (ISO 20400) is also moving more and more companies to have their purchasing policies with suppliers independently reviewed