Aluminium Stewardship Initiative: a new sustainable standard for the entire aluminium industry

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) was developed to define global standards along the entire aluminium value chain. Many stakeholders in the aluminium industry are involved, who pursue the common goal of creating more sustainability and transparency in the aluminium sector and promoting responsible aluminium production.

The "Responsible Aluminium Standard" combines ethical, ecological and social aspects along the entire aluminium value chain. It establishes measurable and continuous improvements in the most important environmental and social aspects. The aim is to increase acceptance of aluminium-containing products, especially among customers and partners, and to reduce negative environmental impacts through more efficient recycling.

The ASI standards apply to all stages of aluminium production and processing, especially:

  • Bauxite Mining
  • Alumina Refining
  • Aluminium Smelting/Remelting/Refining
  • Casthouses
  • Semi-Fabrication & Material Conversion (rolling, extrusion, cutting, bending...)

The ASI certification is divided into two standards, the "ASI Performance Standard" and the “ASI Chain of Custody Standard". The mandatory "ASI Performance Standard" (PS) includes the examination of 11 points from the areas of governance, environment and social affairs. These requirements are facilitated if your company already hold certificates (ISO 14001, SAS 8000, ISO 37001, OHSAS 180001…). The Chain of Custody Standard (CoC) is voluntary and relates to the responsible design of supply chains.

Both standards were published in December 2017 and GUTcert was accredited shortly thereafter as the first certification and verification body in Germany for both standards. Our accreditation covers the relevant areas from alumina refining to material conversion. We are currently accredited for a few European countries and we can easily extend it to match further needs thanks to our AFNOR auditors worldwide.

The ASI certification program relies on competent and experienced third party conformity assessment bodies. We are very pleased to have GUTcert as our first German-based ASI Accredited Audit firm.  GUTcert are a professional organisation that are able to offer comprehensive certification audit services for our Members as applicable to their Accreditation scope.

Sam Brumale (ASI's Director of Standards and Assurance)

The GUTcert team has supported the process of the ASI Audit Performance Standard. Hydro Extruded Solutions Hoogezand is now the first extrusion plant in the world to obtain the certification, and we would like to thank GUTcert and their auditors for the good cooperation.

Ing. Jan de Hoop MBA (Hydro Extruded Solutions Hoogezand B.V.)

GUTcert is your competent, experienced partner and offers you comprehensive certifications depending on the type and size of your company and the required standard. Our auditors are experts in the aluminium industry and we can worldwide verifications due to our AFNOR network.

Please contact us anytime, we will gladly answer all your requests and needs. Further information can be found on the ASI website, videos or leaflet.