ISCC PLUS Certification

Sustainability in the food and feed industry and bio-based products along the entire supply chain

With ISCC PLUS, ISCC extends the certification system to food (chocolate, oils, bakery products, sugar etc.), animal feed, technical and chemical applications such as bioplastics, candles, cosmetics or packaging and bioenergetic applications (e.g. solid biomass).

In addition to the current certification of sustainable biofuel, ISCC also offers product certification for the food and feed market, e.g. oilseed flour, DDGS, oils for food and other applications. The core requirements of ISCC PLUS include traceability, greenhouse gas calculation and management. The ISCC PLUS requirements for sustainable agricultural production comply with the ISCC EU standard.

ISCC PLUS can be used by both non-certified companies and organizations already certified under ISCC EU. Companies that want to be certified according to ISCC PLUS can select several voluntary modules in addition to the minimum requirements. Among the ISCC PLUS modules are

ISCC PLUS certification is recognised by well-known suppliers (e.g. Unilever, Coca Cola) as proof of sustainable production. After a benchmarking of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform, the sustainability requirements of ISCC PLUS were classified as equivalent to the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Silver Level. This enables ISCC PLUS certified system users around the world to sell all "ISCC PLUS compliant" products as "equivalent to FSA Silver".

If your company is already ISCC EU certified, you only need to have the requirements of the additionally selected modules tested.  With little effort you can open up new markets for your company and increase your competitiveness immensely.

You would like to have your company certified according to ISCC PLUS?

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for an ISCC PLUS certification or answer your questions. As a subsidiary of the AFNOR Group, we offer our services worldwide.