REDcert2 Certification

Sustainability in the food sector

With REDcert2, REDcert responds to the demands of the first gathering points, processors and the food and beverage industry for sustainability certification for biomass in the food sector, such as sugar beets, oilseeds or malting barley. REDcert2 provides a practical and efficient certification for sustainable biomass from arable crops in the food sector.

Companies already certified by REDcertEU can extend their sustainability certification to the food sector through REDcert2. The REDcert2 system can be applied to the stages of raw material production and acquisition, trade and processing. Exemplary interfaces include producing companies, collection points, first collectors or agricultural traders, conversion plants and traders. REDcert2 was also recognized through a benchmarking by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI). Based on the REDcert EU criteria for the sustainable cultivation of biomass, 18 additional "progressive" sustainability criteria adopted by SAI can be certified as a prerequisite for achieving a "higher level". These advanced REDcert2 requirements include topics such as varieties, recycling, water management, energy efficiency, soil compaction and social commitment.

Meet the market demand for sustainably produced food with REDcert2 certification. Our experienced and highly qualified staff and auditors ensure that you comply with the REDcert2 requirements and provide active support in the certification process.

You would like to have your company certified according to REDcert2?

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