In a Preliminary assessment we analyse your company and identify improvement potentials

More and more companies are embarking on the path of sustainable development: the number of sustainability reports published is constantly increasing. This trend has various causes – the trigger can be the upcoming CSR reporting obligation, or development within the industry motivates action.

We offer organizations the opportunity to use a preliminary assessment to determine which data already exists in the company and where information still needs to be collected in order to close the "gap" that still exists towards achieving compliance with a certain standard, e.g. the Global Reporting Initiative GRI or the German Sustainability Code DNK. The basis for your preliminary assessment can be, for example, an EMAS environmental statement or measures already implemented in the areas of environmental, social or employee interests.

As part of a preliminary assessment, we offer –on site on request – the opportunity to check which data you still need to collect, e.g. to comply with the DNK or to publish a sustainability report in accordance with GRI standards.