Validation of your sustainability report according to GRI, DNK

It is getting more and more important for organizations to present their ecological and social corporate commitment to the public. This motivation arises, on the one hand, directly from the CSR-RUG reporting obligation for listed companies or indirectly for small and medium-sized companies as part of the supply chain of large companies.

Many international companies base their sustainability reports on the globally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
The German Sustainability Code (DNK) is more compact. This is particularly suitable for newcomers to reporting.

Both systems meet the reporting requirements for non-financial indicators in Germany and the EU.

The validation of sustainability reports is voluntary. However, an external point of view helps to confirm the selected topics as well as the plausibility of the data, facts and key figures.

Validation consists of reviewing the raw version of the report, detailed planning and assessment on site as well as issuing an audit certificate. Within the framework of an individually adapted workshop, we offer – on site on request – the opportunity to check which data you still need to collect, e.g. to comply with the DNK or to publish a sustainability report in accordance with GRI standards.

The audit certificate is included in the Sustainability Report.

The GRI's offer is aimed at all companies, regardless of their size. We are currently auditing according to the guidelines of the modular GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, or GRI Standards for short. These replaced the previous version, GRI G4, in 2018.