Guideline to an efficient Energy Management System according to ISO 50001

Continual improvement of your energy situation with 18 steps over three stages

This free guideline is based on our longstanding experience gained from almost 1000 EnMS audits as well as the training of far more than 500 energy managers, energy representatives and energy auditors. It translates the rigid structures of the standards into the level of operational processes, thereby rendering them comprehensible for the practitioner.

Our three-stage, pragmatic method leads your company to an EnMS according to ISO 50001 within 18 comprehensible individual steps. That way, you achieve your goal of using your energy more efficiently on a permanent basis, reducing the impact on the environment and financially benefiting from reduced costs.

Our guideline, which resulted from a research project for the Federal Environment Agency, has proved itself in practice for many years. It is available for download for you, in German as well as in seven other languages.

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