The so-called “alternative system” specified in annex 2 of the German regulation “Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung (SpaEfV)” is meant to improve energy efficiency in companies. In Germany, this system is already required as mandatory proof for tax refunds.

The alternative system offers a structured access to recording and assessing the energetic situation within an organization. It helps to systematically detect energy-saving potentials and thus leads to a long-term reduction of energy costs. With this basis, it’s an easy move towards an energy management system according to ISO 50001: reviewing the energetic situation as well as the annual management review already constitutes initial core elements of the energy management standard ISO 50001.

The following steps for establishing and operating an alternative system need to be taken:

  1. Registration and analysis of used energy sources
  2. Registration and analysis of energy consuming facilities and devices
  3. Assessment of saving potentials
  4. Feedback to top management and decision regarding the treatment of results

GUTcert is accredited through the DAkkS (German) for the attestation of an alternative system according to SpaEfV §§ 3-5.

“From the preparation to the conducting and follow-up of the audit to the issuing of the attestation, we always had a competent partner by our side.”
Robert Wilcke, Weha-Gummiwaren-Fabrik Holzberg GmbH & Co. KG

A GUTcert audit comprises more than the auditor showing up on-site and the issuing of your attestation. With our tools and seminars, we provide you with assistance for establishing your efficiency system.

The GUTcert energy consumption data collection tool leads you step by step to recording your energy consumption as well as the actual status analysis of energy uses. In addition, it can be used as proof for tax relief according to SpaEfV. The alternative system is also described in the first chapters of the GUTcert guideline to efficient energy management according to ISO 50001.