Audit quality - more than "half the battle"

Without our auditors, nothing works. Our performance - and thus our business - is largely determined by their deployment on site at the customer's premises: they are our figurehead.

Therefore, we place great value on selection and further training, and only those who internalise GUTcert's quality standards will work for us in the long term.

All our auditors and environmental verifiers have a wealth of cross-industry experience. Most of our colleagues have acquired this experience in many years of practical work, often on the "other side" of the audit table. However, even with our "younger" colleagues you can count on highly qualified and motivated managers for your audits, without exception.

And if you are an international company with locations in different countries, you are in good hands with GUTcert: As a successful subsidiary of the AFNOR Group, we can offer worldwide certifications out of one hand.