Certification is service - quality audits by GUTcert

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about our work and strive to please our customers. Expertise, friendly service, efficiency and flexibility are the foundation of our company.

Our customers are our partners and we form a relationship based on trust. Our impartial assessments provide safety, helping to promote our customers. We can therefore be depended upon to act with integrity and ensure that compliance is our main goal.

Offering fair prices without the small print are what we are all about, which is always good for our customers.

We make no compromises when it comes to quality: We offer safety and support to every customer so that their brand is both certified and attains its goals. We always endeavour to make things better and never settle for anything other than the best service.

We pay attention to our employees working conditions and environment creating a friendly and efficient work place for maximum results.

Our Management Principles

We advise our customers on a one-to-one basis creating lasting relationships with our clients.

We support our customers so that they can continually improve their brand and company.

The standards we use are based on expert knowledge of the field: Our auditors apply this specialist knowledge carefully and considerately to each customer’s unique circumstances.

Our employees are both technically skilled and socially competent, ensuring that they are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Our management goals are intended to safeguard that our management system is continually checked and qualified.

  • treat all our customers equally
  • are aware of the interests of indirect customers and consider effects on 3rd parties
  • remain impartial guaranteeing our decisions are never influenced by financial interests
  • don’t offer consulting services during an audit or during any other certification procedures
  • don’t assign jobs to anyone who has worked for the last 2 years in a managerial consulting position that was affiliated with the customer
  • assign completely impartial personnel to guarantee that there are no conflicts of interest with the customer whether financial or data related
  • guarantee all certification decisions are made on the basis of objective proof
  • don’t transfer certification procedures to any other certification offices

  • We provide internationally standardised tests from management systems to products and personnel, promising corresponding and comprehensive transfer of information
  • Impartial judgement based on the independence of our personnel, finances and business
  • Objective evaluations that both customers and stakeholders can rely on
  • The security of a business relationship grounded in trust
  • Enduring and long term expansion as GUTcert’s reputation continues to flourish in the market
  • On-going commitment to a sustainable society

  • we rely on the integrity, personal responsibility and commitment of each individual employee creating a friendly and fair work environment
  • we understand that recognition and job satisfaction are important because this is where we spend a third of our lives!
  • we advance creativity and innovation: Resourceful colleagues implement flexible processes
  • teamwork is highly valued: Together we can move mountains and make the impossible possible!
  • we follow our ideals – GUTcert strives to be environmentally friendly wherever possible
  • we do everything we can to make sure that GUTcert continues to develop and prosper