Quality Management

Certification of quality management systems

A successful company concentrates on its most important target group - its customers.

And a functioning quality management system is the ideal tool, especially for top management: It structures change processes, makes them controllable, ensures efficiency - and above all continuous improvement. In addition, focusing the "quality" indicator creates public confidence and credibility.

The certification of the quality management system gives your customers the security of having a reliable partner in you. It increases your importance on the market and contributes to securing your company's long-term success.

The ISO 9001 standard is the basis of many industry-specific quality standards, which are extended by special requirements of the industry.

The auditors of GUTcert are experts and have extensive practical experience of their own. They

  • assess the efficiency of the processes introduced - no unnecessary mountains of paper
  • assess the effectiveness of the control measures introduced - only target-oriented regulations
  • motivate the employees involved - identification with the company and the task
  • point to strengths and potentials of individual processes - spur to further improvements
  • examine the entire system - take a holistic view of the company from the outside