Good is not enough for us.

If you stop wanting to be better, you stop being good.

The author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach puts it in a nutshell: we are also constantly on the lookout for potential for improvement within our own ranks. And we do this at all levels - during direct customer contact in the on-site audit, ‘at home’ in our back office and during our training courses at the GUTcert Academy.

We are the right partner for organisations that want to continuously improve themselves.

Four good reasons to choose GUTcert


Audit with added value

Our world is constantly changing. And so a permanent
willingness to learn is a key success factor.

What has been achieved, what has been missed? Our audits help organisations to identify potential and minimise risks.

We prefer to ‘surprise’ our customers with newly discovered opportunities during an on-site audit. We encourage them to rethink their business processes and thus ensure the long-term success of their organisation.

Smart Service

We do our work with enthusiasm and vigour - we always deliver the highest quality quickly, competently and in a friendly manner.

Our customers have been thanking us for this for years with excellent ratings for our service. But we don't rest on our laurels: We use every weakness as an opportunity to improve for our customers - because there is always room for improvement!


Sustainably into the future

Seit Bestehen der GUTcert ist die Nachhaltige Entwicklung unser Steckenpferd – nicht nur für unsere Kunden, auch und besonders bei uns selbst. Immer wieder entwickeln wir anspruchsvolle Ziele und Maßnahmen zu den Themenbereichen Markt, Umwelt, Mitarbeiter und Soziales und berichten darüber in unserem Nachhaltigkeitsbericht auf Basis des Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK).

Denn wenn wir alle uns auch hier immer weiter verbessern, können wir optimistisch in die Zukunft blicken.

More knowledge

Nobody is perfect - but you can strive for it.

We at GUTcert have realised how important lifelong learning is: the instructors at our GUTcert Academy, all of whom are experts in the field, are constantly learning new things themselves and pass on this accumulated knowledge to our customers with expertise.

In this way, we grow together with you and our tasks.