Carbon Footprint

CO2 Footprint Verification

Reporting on greenhouse gas emissions is becoming increasingly important for companies – not least because this data goes into environmental reports, environmental declarations or sustainability reports and is thus made available to the general public. Suppliers are also increasingly expected to balance their CO2 emissions.

Carbon footprints are an important and accepted approach to making environmental impacts and sustainability performance transparent. Costumers and companies are increasingly considering this information in their decision-making.

Carbon footprints describe the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product, service or the company itself.

ISO 14064, an internationally recognised standard, provides the basis for calculating and verifying greenhouse gas balances at company level, the Corporate Carbon Footprint. With this uniform standard, emission calculations can be compared and verified.

We can also validate your carbon footprint based on calculation tools or other guidelines such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol, UK Government Conversation Factors for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting or KlimAktiv's CO2 calculator.

GUTcert is accredited by DAkkS for the verification of the Corporate Carbon Footprint.


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  • GUTcert is one of the pioneers in the market for footprints and has many years of experience in the preparation of greenhouse gas balances, life cycle assessments and their verification.
  • GUTcert works according to internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 14064, ISO 14040, GHG protocol.
  • We show you how to set your balance sheet limits sensibly and thus achieve conclusive results
  • The reliable testing quality of GUTcert ensures that you receive meaningful and comparable, i.e. "credible" footprints at all times.
  • We uncover your saving potentials and help you to reduce your "footprints" and costs.