Environmental Management

Certification of the environmental management systems EMAS and ISO 14001

In recent years, environmental protection as a competitive factor in marketing has become just as important as the quality or price of products and services. And the foresighted and systematic integration of environmental aspects into political and business decisions not only provides immaterial value for companies but also material and financial potential.

For the development of environmental management systems, both the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS regulation provide a basis that is accepted throughout Europe and the world. Certifications according to these standards by authorised bodies have already firmly established themselves on the market as a confidence-building and effective publicity measure.

  • GUTcert is THE environmental specialist - with the greatest environmental experience in Germany
  • We are accredited by the DAkkS
  • We have extensive know-how in various industries
  • We certify worldwide - through our network within the AFNOR-Groupe
  • GUTcert's environmental verifiers and auditors all have practical experience and are always up to date.
  • We offer integrated and combined certification procedures and compliance audits