GUTcert Academy

Since some time our experts and auditors share their comprehensive practical knowledge in our intensive seminars. The enormous demand for our educational services has led to the founding of the  GUTcert Academy.

The GUTcert Academy organises numerous practical seminars, trainings and exchange of experience meetings. The content of our seminars is designed out of the needs and knowledge of the participants. We provide basic knowledge for beginners and expert knowledge for professionals.

Main Focus of the GUTcert Academy is the qualification of auditors and experts in the field of quality, environment, sustainability and energy management.

GUTcert Academy is always on the pulse of time: new findings, changes of regulations and directives or expected trends are applied in exercises and training sessions on an up-to-date basis during the seminars.

At present, we are offering our open courses and seminars mainly in German language and in Germany. On inquiry we are able to offer all our courses also in English in any country.